The Online Campaign

A Wizard's Fate

Turns 51-80

A Wizard's Fate: Turn 51

Nonam backs away from the statue and says to Chala, "It seems harmless enough, but if the head starts to move I suggest that we try to get out of the room. Check it more if you wish."

Then he looks around to see what everyone else is doing. Seeing Jus by the doorway he goes over to him. "Anything down the hall?"

As he does all this, Nonam thinks back and remembers that the giant demon spider left the same type sting mark (like the marks on the goblins) on Korok when it stung him.

Chala listens carefully to what Nonam says.

Nonam backs away from the statue and says to Chala, "It seems harmless enough, but if the head starts to move I suggest that we try to get out of the room. Check it more if you wish."

Chala answers, "What do you all think? Shall we see what it does if we move it?"

Gareth bags the goodies and moves out of the room to the next room and then realizes that all four rooms have been looked into. The next room for him in sequence is the hallway Jus is looking down, so he goes there and joins him.


David says: Leaving for Chicago at 4AM! (Oh joy) I should still be able to check

e-mail so expect my turn.

Jerry says: John, I hope you're feeling better.

Jerry says: I'm just thinking out loud, but we could try opening things up a bit allowing you to post as many moves as you want in a day making things seem more like a fluid type real time thing rather than a turn based game. This would allow conversations to take place. It would possibly make things less of a problem if someone got busy, sick, or needed to go out of town, etc. to continue without him.

Now shoot this to pieces guys and tell me what you think. I played in a game that was kinda like this for a few weeks and hated it because some people had conversations about nothing for days, while others went ahead one night just sitting at their computers and doing turn after turn waiting for the return. That was the problem I saw. This group also had 8 players which I thought was too many for this type game.

Well now you have some background as to why I've run the game as I have. I'm always open to ideas as to how to make the game better and more fun. Speak up guys!


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 52

Chala looks around for something she can move the head with, waiting for a

reply, realizing that everyone seems to have dispersed into separate rooms.

Nonam speaks to Jus and Gareth, "Perhaps we should wait for everyone in our party before we go wandering through all these rooms."

Then he looks over his shoulder and speaks to Chala, "I think that our companions are eager to move on. Though its probably a good idea to check out the statue more, its probably more important to stay together."

Gareth says "Lets just keep going. I don't like asking for trouble.". He

searches the other goblins for items of interest. He then moves into the

hallway to the door on the right and listens. If no sound he opens it.


David says: Greetings from the windy city. Hope you all are warmer than I. It is in the 20s

with a 40 MPH wind. Don't you just wish you were here! I'll be coming home

Thursday afternoon or late morning. Lake Michigan is pretty cool.

Tom says: I think you should keep it at the pace you are right of

the things I see going on already is that everyone seems to spread out and

do their own thing, and that causes more problems than we need with traps,

and getting separated. Everyone has been checking bodies and room with out

the thought of any danger. One person does this, another does that, and

etc...and look what happened someone died....and people were separated. I

know it is a little slower, but it keeps everyone together.

JK says: This sounds like the way it should work to me. And as Jerry can tell you, I've said so before. I mean it makes since to need to know what other people in the party are doing before you act. You would in a regular game as you all know.

We might set a limit on turns per day to cut back on the problems Jerry experienced in the other game, but I think we should at least send our turns out to everyone in the group.

Jerry says: I see both sides. Let's keep discussing this and see what we can do if anything to improve our game.

Jerry says: David, I loaded in a new program that runs on the Direct X drivers that some of the other new games run on. I already have Direct X installed. When I tried to install the game it stalled. Tried several times with the same results. So I thought I'd try and reinstall the Direct X over the old one thinking that perhaps this was a more updated version of the driver. It loaded fine. Then it said it would reload windows to activate everything. When the windows popped up I got a message that the Video or video adapter settings were off. I went to the video settings and can't get it to work. I can't set things for 236 colors at all or for small fonts. All I can get is VGA settings at 15 colors and large fonts. Needless to say, many of the programs I have won't run on that. So are you be available to help me this weekend? Or should I take it to the shop? I'll understand if you don't have the time. Or if you get some time in Chicago, call me if you think we can fix it that way.....:)

(Tom and JK, I know I've opened the can of worms now. David and JK will type computer gibberish at us now until my computer is fixed.....hehe.)

Till tomorrow and hoping that I don't get hypnotized reading this large Big Chief Tablet sized text....



A Wizard's Fate: Turn 53

Chala will pick up a spear (be it from the back of a goblin, or one laying

about). Then realizing she has a quarterstaff strapped on her back, she

pulls it off of the sling.

"It would be wiser to make sure that nothing is able to follow us, be it

this statue, or what ever. Can you call the others back here?"

Chala tries to determine the exact point that the statue is pointing at,

especially if it is the entrance. If it isn't, and it is a section of the

wall, she will check out the section of the wall before anything else.

Nonam tells Jus, "Please have a little patience." Then he walks back over to Chala and says, "I think you're right. We should check this room completely before we move on. Perhaps you can use this to move the head." He produces a dagger from his sleeve.

Jus looks at the door leading into the hallway and sees if there are any

locking mechanisms. If not, Jus asks the others if they would mind

turning the statue's head while everyone is still here. "If it was a

trap as Nonam hypothesized, I would think there would be locks on these

doors. Since there are none, I think it likely to be to our benefit to

investigate further."


I happen to like the 'everyone responds to everyone' format. The short

time we did it when in combat, things seemed to flow very smoothly. It

allowed more coordinated effort in the turn.

HOWEVER, the end-goal during combat is predefined. If this format was

continued for all turns, it seems the first to respond may dictate the

course (or end-goal) of everyone's actions. Not necessarily worse than

what occurs now; but with Jerry being the focal, he has been able to

coordinate some of the divergent actions (i.e. If x happens, Jus does

y). I could also see a danger in some people (i.e. probably me)

responding only 1-2 times per day, and others responding many times per

day. This may result in a lopsided play environment where two are

'playing' and the remaining are 'participating'.

Even so... I still enjoyed the 'realism' associated with the

everyone-to-everyone messaging. We may need to eventually schedule who

>talks in what order, but I would not mind trying it.

Jerry says: Good points John. In combat, I've been actually rolling an initiative with speed factors etc. In non-combat, I've been going with the order I receive it modified by the order in which it seems to make the most sense.

Hmm.....what about designating a difference between a formal "I'm doing this" turn and conversation where the group can discuss what they are doing, the facts of life, religion, who wants to date Chala, etc. We could then put a limit of one "turn" per day, with unlimited conversation that wasn't an actual turn. What do you think?

Jerry says: The computer is fixed after a $92.00 trip to the computer doctor. I bought a new baseball game and it was a bad and corrupted disk. Bad disk. It ruined all my video drivers and two of my other drivers.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 54

Jus helps examine the walls of the room looking for secret or concealed

doorways. He also examines the statue for more of the same, and any other

details that may have been missed earlier.

Chala checks again...(hehe) to see where the statue is pointing and finally decided that it points forward, but not at any specific location. It seems that the statue was placed so that the finger would look like it was pointing at anyone entering the room.

Nonam waits for Chala to do something to the statue. He'll stand about 10 feet behind her and a little to her left.

Gareth stands ready and waits for the 'head-turning'. (me too David...:))


JK says: Jerry, how come so many bad things happen to your computer?

Jerry says: It hates me.

JK says: One quick note on the turn discussion: We could still keep it at one response per day, but we could send it to everyone. We could also establish some type of rotating turn order. This would solve the need to send Jerry messages that read like this "If ... then I will..., but if not then.... However, if on the other hand..."

Jerry: Going in turns would slow things down too much. Example: John can't do his turn until Tom is finished. That's too inconvenient. The order of turns will have to stay in my domain as the DM to decide.

I'm also concerned about sending every message to everyone. Actions must be addressed to me cause I'm responsible for the reactions to those actions. If we sent non-combat actions to everyone, someone could, but wouldn't have to react to another's turn. That seems ok. Reacting could save time, in that if the action was received before one's own turn was sent in, they could coordinate their actions, so to speak.

Since combat is supposed to be somewhat simultaneous, we will have to leave it the same, only to me and one round's action per turn. To do otherwise would slow things down too much.

Tom says: Should we start sending messages to each other, I have only been replying

to you. Are we going to go to a free style, I do kind of like the idea of

the one actual turn a day, with 'unlimited' amounts of talking to determine

what we will all do.

Jerry says: Right now, we're just discussing it. I'm not one to go off shooting at the hip to try something. I like to have an idea of how it will work first. Once we've settled on something and agree, we'll talk about trying it.

Let the turning begin....or we can just talk about it for awhile.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 55

Jus finishes checking the room for secret doors and finds nothing. He also notices nothing further about the statue.

Gareth looks at the statue from the neck down. He makes sure not to look at

it's eyes.

Seeing everyone is back in the room, Chala will touch her quarterstaff to

the statue.

Chala waits to see if anything happens. When nothing does, she will try to

move the head, left first, and then right if it doesn't move left.

When Chala turns the head left, it begins to unwind. After 5 revolutions, the head comes off revealing that the interior of the statue is hollow.


I'm sending you a copy of the email I received from RPGA headquarters today. Surprise.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 56

After Chala looks inside Gareth asks "Should we try to turn it over?" and moves

into a position to do so.

Nonam says eagerly, "What's inside?"

Chala says "You want to check it out Nonam?"

Jus waits to see what Chala does. If she does not look into the statue,

>Jus offers to do the honors.

Jus stands to Chala's right with his back to the statue looking into the

room and down the entrance hallway -- swords drawn. He tensely awaits to

react if any trap is triggered by Chala's actions.


JK says: Who woulda thunk it? WotC buying TSR? Seems funny that the new company can afford the old company (even with TSR's financial problems). But that's what happens I suppose.

Kevin says: Hey Jerry, sorry for the trouble, but my sceen-name is now changed. I was on Kirk's account, but now have my own account. Thanks, Kev'

John says: Is everything OK? Haven't heard from you in a while, and the last turn

did not seem to include the paragraphs I had sent (included some other

that I did not send).

I am wondering if you are receiving from me or even sending turns that

are just not getting through. I haven't checked my home e-mail in a

couple of days, but will try to check tonight.

Jerry says: The last turn went out like Saturday. I've been very busy getting ready for TAAS testing. You wouldn't believe how big it is now. It's even going to be tied to our evaluations next year. Sheesh. You as of tonight, have everything I've received back to you.

John and David: What Virus Protection do you use? How do you upgrade? How often?


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 37

Nonam goes and looks into the statue, and says, "I see...a hollow compartment in the neck and there is a scroll here and a large iron key"

Jus awaits to see what Chala does.

Jus peers inside the statue to see what is inside.

Jus tries to determine if the objects are harmless by checking for traps and

then reaches inside to pull the objects out.

Gareth looks grateful as if he was about to push the statue over and search the pieces. He begins to move once again toward the hallway.


David says: I use McAfee Anti virus software. They have a web site which is updated at

least monthly that you can download from for updates. Your best defense against

viruses is to only load proprietary software, DON'T USE SHAREWARE PERIOD

(Unless you just love getting your system rebuilt)!, and keep your Anti virus

updated regularly. Don't open junk mail in your email, don't download

frivolously from the Internet, don't copy from disks copied from other systems.

Hope this helps..

Jerry says: That's good and bad to hear. I have McAfee as well, however, their web site is very confusing to me as is their upgrading instructions. Since the crash, I need to download a complete version and the upgrade. I've been putting it off because I've never truly understood their site and always wonder if I have the latest version and stuff.

John says: So was I late for a turn, or what? Why did two of my turn replies show

up in the last turn?

Jerry says: No, methinks I was late for a turn this time.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 58

Nonam waits, "What's on the scroll?"*(see below). The scroll has two spells on it: Protection from Evil, and Spider Climb.

Gareth enters the hall.

Jus looks the scroll over and sees if he can make heads or tails of it. (Jerry says: this assumes that Nonam offers it to him. I'm assuming that he is willing. Let me know if he is not. )

Jus pauses a moment, gives a heavy sigh, and passes the scroll back to Nonam. A little

frustrated, Jus rhetorically asks, "Just how many of these things are we

going to find in here?"

Jus then examines the key to see if there are any markings or anything

else noteworthy about the key.

It is large for a key and made of iron.

Chala will stand back, wait for a direction to go.

"Lead on."


John says: My home mail is having problems again. Don't expect replies to mail sent

only to my home address until Microsoft works out whatever problem they

are having.

If anyone received my reply about the psionics, please forward it to

Jerry. For some reason he received an empty mail message.

David says: McAfee' web site is indeed interesting. I haven't looked at it in a few

months. I'll look at it and give you instructions in the next couple of days.

Jerry says: Thanks Dave. I need the latest full version and info on how to upgrade. I am registered for one year of online upgrades. Uh, while we're at it....which decompression program do you use. Winzip was the @#$% program that ruined my computer in October. I've heard that Pkzip is a good one. What do you think. I could download winzip again cause I'm registered with them. I need one of these to uncompress stuff from time to time.

*Jerry says: I have recently been reminded of a rule on PHB2 p.108 which says that scroll containing wizard spells must be read using the Read Magic spell the first time it is read. I realize I set precedent last time by allowing all to read the title of the earlier scroll. So I'm just serving notice that next time, I'll just say it's indecipherable until that occurs. As far as I can tell, this is only for wizard scrolls, not clerical.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 59

Nonam takes the scroll when Jus offers it to him and tucks it away.

Then he looks to Gareth, "I believe you probably know which way we should go, so if you would be so kind as to lead the way."

Wait until we have a direction.


Tom says: Yah, seen Tim, he's got a job at Rent-for-own place, and he has been

subbing for Clover park. He says hi btw.

Jerry says: Tell him hi back.

Jerry says: I don't know why I reverted to turn 37 and 38. I'm assuming you guys saw past my ignorance.

JK says: Uh, I never said that Nonam took the scroll. Turn 37 read "Jus tries to determine if the objects are harmless by checking for traps and then reaches inside to pull the objects out."

Thus I was asking Jus what the scroll said with my last response and not investigating it myself. So as far as this statement goes: "Jus looks the scroll over and sees if he can make heads or tails of it. (Jerry says: this assumes that Nonam offers it to him. I'm assuming that he is willing. Let me know if he is not. )" I don't see that Nonam has any say in the matter since Jus already had it. Though it is entirely likely that had Nonam picked it up first that he would have been very suspicious of Jus's motives in wanting a magical scroll.

Jerry says: "reaches inside to pull the objects out" means "reaches inside to pull the objects out. Thus you pulled the objects out, then Jus asked for them, then gave them back to you. That is how it will stand. :)

Jerry says: Since no one has commented on our discussion about how to open the game up a bit, I'm assuming it's over. Therefore starting now, you may have extended discussions "in character" about the game. If you are by yourselves it can be private, if you are with the group, send it to everyone who would hear it. All emails concerning the game must be sent to me. We will continue to send in one turn per day. Please designate which is your formal turn.

Something else to try. During non-combat situations, you may send more than one thing you want to do or say. I think we all agree that the game is too slow for our liking. Feel free to push ahead. Danger is what adventuring is all about. Revel in it.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 60

Gareth walks into the hallway and approaches the door on the right. When nothing

> happens he listens at the door and then hearing nothing, opens it. He sees another hallway running forward (South) and turning west at the twenty foot mark.


Jerry says: Dave, I'll check on the prices of the Rush tickets today. (Styx too. They are on the 30th of May.) Styx has a new double CD coming out in May with live cuts from last year's tour and new studio material. John, they tour Denver in July 19th. Check out their very informational site at Lots of interviews, sound bites, pictures, etc. Even a list digest you can subscribe to. ELO opens for them later in the summer. Pat Benatar opens for them early (yuck!)

Rush has no warm up band this tour. They advertise it as "For the first time an entire evening with Rush" Rush is May 24th.


The Online Campaign

A Wizard's Fate

Turns 61-70

A Wizard's Fate: Turn 61

Gareth goes to the second door (the one straight ahead and 30' down the hallway) and uses the same procedure, then opens it. This is what he sees around the corner.


| __D

| |__ <-- diagram of what Gareth and party see.


D <-- door back to the statue room.

The 2nd door opens into a 30'/30' room. The entrance door is in the south portion of the SE corner of the room. The chamber appears to have been undamaged by the blast that destroyed the tower. A circle surrounded by magical runes has been painted on the floor. A wooden lectern stands close by. Resting on the lectern is a sheet of parchment yellow and curled with age. Two evil-looking statuettes sit at the base of the lectern.

Nonam follows Gareth down the hall.

Jus walks down the hallway starting from the statue room until he

reaches Gareth, checking for secret doors the entire way.

(I'm assuming that you mean a cursory check. DMG2 p. 130 states that it takes 10 minutes to search a 20' section of wall. A cursory check is the automatic chance that an elf has of finding secret/hidden doors by just passing by. To keep things simple, you may search a 10' section of wall per email turn. You will need to designate the 10' section to check)


John says: What's going on???? The past turns -- many of them -- have not had

everyone respond. I haven't even seen the past 3 turns before receiving

all of them (at work or at home). If some procedural change for sending

out turns was made, please let me know.

Jerry says: I think that two things happened. First of all, you didn't receive that one turn. I think it was 37 (which should have been numbered 57). I sent it and 58 again. I do send all emails to all addresses each time unless private. Second of all I have sent turns even though I didn't receive a turn from all 4 players. For instance, I didn't get a turn from Tom this time. I'll only wait so long or everyone begins to ask what my problem is. If you receive a turn without getting the previous one, or the date is wrong, or I don't put in the turn what you wrote, let me know ASAP so we can track down this problem.

Dave says about the Rush concert: Sounds interesting. I'll check the schedule to see what plans are already made that day.

Jerry says: Now about the bad news. They want us to pay through the nose for tickets.

Rows 1-10 $200

Rows 12-15 $150

Rows 20+ $100

Rows 20+ center $125

JK and David, let me know if you are still interested in going. I am interested. If you'd rather go to the Styx concert, I have two tickets on row two at $100 each. If no one wants pay to go, I've asked Scott Carpenter and then Scott Marley to go as my guest.

Jerry says: Things continue to be very busy. I'm doing the best that I can.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 62

Nonam goes into the room with the circle. He will glance at the circle and attempt to determine its purpose, and he immediately goes to the lectern and looks at the parchment. Nonam searches his memory and realizes that the circle is used for summoning creatures from other planes. More than likely evil creatures. The writing on the parchment is indecipherable. (Actually this had been decided beforehand, it was not as a result of the ongoing discussion about scrolls)

"I would suggest that no one step in or on the circle, it would be BAD."

Chala says, moving around the room to the lectern, seeing if there is any

writing on the parchment. The writing on the parchment is also not readable for Chala.

Gareth says to Jus and Nonam "You seem to know a lot about magic. What should

we do?" Gareth stands battle ready.


David says: Too high for me right now on the Rush tickets. We're closing on 2.5 acres of

land this week and need extra cash for emergencies. 20% down and all that. I

still haven't looked at McAfee web page. I intend to update mine this week

sometime so I'll tell you what I find.

Jerry says: I've got McAfee up and running, but as I mentioned in my personal email to you, I don't know how to upgrade to the registered version of which I'm allowed seeing I paid for it. I also want to know how to upgrade new virus files into the program. Do I just download and copy it into the main program folder or what?

Tom says: Sorry, I had phone problems over here, so I wasn't able to log on All

fixed now though.

Jerry says: I'm glad you are back up and online. :)

JK says: 1) p. 145 in the DMG2 gives the pertinent information on the scrolls. It basically says that nothing on the scroll can be read without the 'read magic' spell. However, it says that most scrolls are found in a scroll case which has the name of the spell (and frequently magical instructions as to how to open the case) on it. However, it does say that frequently 'read magic' is needed to read the case, but it is not always necessary. It also suggests that sometimes the cases are written in strange languages so that 'comprehend languages' is necessary to read the case instead of 'read magic.'

Incidentally it also says that scroll maps are indecipherable until 'comprehend languages' is used to read them.

2) I'd love to go to the Rush show, but $100 is too much for me. Esp. since I don't get paid over the summer.

Jerry says: I understand both statements. I guess in the former, the differences is used to create role-playing situations. So be it. Scrolls will have to be checked to see what is needed to read each one as different wizards record, store, and protect their scrolls differently. :)

As far as the Rush concert goes, I think everyone has backed out.

John says: Please forward to anyone you think may want to know. My apologies if I missed


John says:

Hey everyone!

For those that have not heard, Tina had our baby on April 23 at 9:22a.m. She

weighed 4lbs. 6.75 ounces with an overall length of 18". After deliberating

for a couple of days we decided to call her Liliana Marie. We had a couple of

more common ones, but didn't think they would go with our current kid's names

Delania and Quinn.

Feel free to reply if any of you have questions.

Now for more detail than any of you want to know but may satisfy your

curiosity. Don't worry Dennis, these are details concerning Liliana, not the

actual birth; those I'll wait to tell you when I can see you squirm. Please be

aware that my cheapo spell checker does not contain a medical word dictionary

and the medical terminology is from memory only.

Being so small, Liliana had a high Hermatic. Basically, the ratio of her red

blood cells to the other blood fluids was high. She had to be put on an IV for

about a day to hydrate her to get this back in balance. However, this high

increase in fluids caused some electrolyte, sodium, and potassium imbalances

that had to be taken care of. To put it bluntly, they had to get her to

urinate. Well the IV corrected everything for the second day. The third day

(Friday? It has gone by very fast) she was taken back off the IV, and her

balances got off again. Back on the IV again. Now they detected ?creotin?

which usually means a kidney problem. Thankfully, another chemical which

accompanies the creotin when there is a kidney problem was not present. Nurses

and Pediatrician were both baffled. A Neonatalogist (baby specialist) was

called in and came in Saturday night. By that time, Liliana was on the IV for

almost 24 hours and EVERYTHING was back to normal. So... since lunch today,

Sunday, we are back off the IV and feeding her regularly. The specialist went

on and had a ultrasound of Lili's kidneys and an x-ray of her intestines just

to make sure all is OK. They came back with no identified problems. BIG relief

for us parents. The Neonatalogist said her "professional opinion" is that this

was just one of those things babies take care of themselves, and that all of

this probably originated from the red blood cell problem she had at birth. We

now have to have everything stay stable for 24 hours without the IV. The

specialist is very confident that we will not have any more problems, but if

the 24 hours does not check out successfully, there is some more testing we

will have to do for other, more rare, conditions.

That's all for the summary of the gritty details.

Tina and I have been staying at the hospital while this has been going on and

will be here until we bring Liliana home. Hopefully this will be Monday or

Tuesday, but we just have to wait and see.

Talk with you later, Babylon 5 is about to start...


Jerry says: Well I think that explains where John has been. We'll play on without him for the nonce. Congratulations John and we'll keep your wonderful new daughter in our prayers. Selah!

Jerry says: Well kids, things have been slow, and even though this is TAAS testing week, I'm going to try (once again, sigh) to pick things up. So you may see me running some turns with only one or two people taking actions. Everyone here is responsible and always does what they can. Just keep remembering that when you don't get a turn, there is usually a reason and many times it's not me that is slow. Nuff said.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 63

If nothing happens and nothing is found Gareth moves back into the hall. And

goes to the next door (clockwise). Listens and hearing nothing, opens the door. (This would be the second door on the right going counter-clockwise from the statue room, or the first door clock-wise after the door at 12o'clock (which is the "runes on the floor" room). The door opens to reveal a 20' wide by 30' deep room (Gareth is facing South) with the door on the north portion of the NW corner. A dirt-stained rug covers the floor of this unlit chamber. At the far end of the room is a splintered desk. A beautiful woman dressed in white sits behind the desk, her expression pale and emotionless as she stares at you unblinking. Near her stand a pair of huge skeletons, each 7' tall and wielding a fearsome battle axe.


David says:


I did not know that you paid for McAfee. You should call their customer

support; or in the documentation it should tell you where to download the new

virus files. It should also give any passwords you need. If not your best bet

is to call them. I didn't realize you were coming down to see Volcano Saturday.

We should have had lunch or something. You have to remember that mules are very

understanding once you get their attention. I really can catch on with effort.


Unamware (or maybe Aclueistic)

Jerry says: Ok, will do. I'll call them. Paying for it was the only way to get protection from new viruses as they come out.

Volcano was not worth the money. Rent the video.

Observation, now that we've/I've seen several movies at stadium theaters. Not all sound or look the same. The first movie we saw (ID4) at the theater on Highway 121 was the best overall experience. It also is the only one in what they call a size 24 theater that has been superior in sound. The Star Wars at the AMC Grand in Dallas didn't compare, but I think it was THX movie sound in a Sony type theater since Lucusfilm puts out THX. The (24) size theater in North Richardson near your house was also THX. Kim said that this theater had one of each kind of sound, but the people there assured me that both were the same. Again disappointing sound compared to ID4. I have had one experience besides the ID4 that makes me believe that I was not just imagining things that day. I saw The Saint a few weeks back at the AMC Grand in a (16) size theater. Superb sound there. While a huge action scene was going on all around, a small radio was playing the Love Theme that moved around the room depending on the angle of the camera. That whole movie (sound wise) was superb. I recommend it in that setting highly.

Conclusions: Not sure yet, but I think the difference is in the sound...Sony vs. THX. THX. Now sounds old and antiquated.

Jerry says: I'm having trouble booting up the Master of Orion game again.....sigh since the last time in the shop. I called them several times now, and have made a boot disk to run the game in DOS mode using a program they have called BootAll v1.7. Once booted, I have to go to the windows directory and type Dosstart.bat to enable the CDRom. That enabled the program to run except that I have no DOS Mouse Driver. STORM Computers are going to install that for me in a few days.

Just thought you'd enjoy that story. :)


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 64

Chala shakes her head, remembering that she can't use scrolls..<grin> but

stays near the lectern in case Noman needs her help in some way,

Jus asks Nonam, "Are you going to take that parchment? Maybe Loren could read


Jus pauses at the door to the room with the beautiful woman. He asks if anyone

knows what Erilyn looks like.

Gareth looks over his shoulder and motions for the others, turns back to the

woman without entering the room and says as pleasantly as he can manage "Hello!

How are you today? What is your name?".

There is no response. She does not move and continues to stare unblinkingly forward.


David says: Sony seems better to me as well. I do, however, disagree about which theater is

the best. Is saw ID4 at Tinseltown (121 theater) with you and I also saw ID4 at

the AMC Grande in Dallas. I, by a huge margin, give the AMC Grande in Dallas

first place. I did not enjoy ID4 nearly as much at Tinseltown (except of course

the company). The screen wasn't as crisp and the sound was almost weak in

comparison to AMC Grande. You have to sit up high enough to avoid the sore neck

thing but as long as you position yourself correctly that is not a problem. I

guess its that way at all of them. Tinseltown is the only theater I've been to

that has the 24 size theater. AMC Grande had the 16 or maybe 20(?). I must

agree, though, about Star Wars sound not being the caliber of ID4. I can see

why you would choose Tinseltown 'ID4' to AMC Grande 'Star Wars'. It sounds (no

pun intended) that we need to do some more research! Just kills me to have to

subject myself to that (Ha!).

Jerry says: Ah, I agree with you 100%. I also didn't like the chair seating arrangement at the North Richardson theater...It wasn't steep enough. The chair in front of you came up all the way to your chest. It didn't effect the line of sight or quality of sound, but was not as ascetically pleasing.

David says: Never a dull moment in the computer world for you is there? Maybe you should

upgrade to Window 97 just to make life more interesting (only if you enjoy


Jerry says: I would pay $200 every 6 months just to have no computer problems. I don't enjoy them at all.

John says: Hey people. I'm not back from the dead, but thought I might as well make a

quick response since I was using the computer anyway.



Jerry says: John, I'm glad everything is going well. I keep you in my prayers.

Tom says: Here's a question. How do priest read their scrolls? It doesn't mention

their equivalent spell (if any), I could never figure it out, I guess that

its one of those granted abilities. What is your idea on this?

Jerry says: I agree with you Tom. Priest spells are not ever hidden in any way by language or magic.

John continues: Now for the latest update... We are going home today sometime after lunch.

There was a couple of things that needed to be checked before Liliana could be

released. No problems were found, although we still need to have periodic

tests for a while to ensure nothing was missed.

Jerry says: We celebrate the healthy arrival of another future D&D player and BAB5 fan. Not to mention a future son of John....:)

See yall tomorrow.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 65

Chala moves to look at the woman, studying the room she is in intently as

well. I hope I don't have to say not to go into the room yet. :)

(You just did. :))


Tom says: Thanks for your input.

Jerry says: Where is everyone? I know of John's circumstances. Be careful, I might fine you a gold piece...or a Rush concert ticket...Yeah!


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 66

Gareth decides to wait for everyone before he does anything. He moves a step to

the right in the doorway to see if the woman follows him with her head or

eyes. He's not sure because of the distance, but he detects no response from her and she does not seem to be following him with her eyes.

He also looks at her closely for any marks, jewelry, restraints, etc

that would indicate if she were captive in some way. She wears a gilded golden bracelet set with emerald chips which is in perfect style with her white dress, however nothing about the bracelet or the dress shows any sign of restraining her.

He looks the skeletons over and looks for movement. He sees none from the doorway.

If no one has anything to offer as far as advise Gareth steps back and shuts the

door and says: "Any reason to pick a fight? Maybe we should come back later. We

haven't been real quiet and they didn't do anything. Lets leave them alone for

now. I'll bet they are there when we come back."

If somebody else offers insight Gareth listens and says nothing and listens.

Nonam has been staring at the scroll trying to decipher it or at least make a guess as to what language its in. When he decides that he can figure out nothing about it, he blinks a few times and looks around wondering where everyone is. He rolls up the scroll, and tucks it away in the hopes that Loren can be of help. Then he looks about and tries to memorize the set up of the room in case Loren wants to know about it. He walks to the door, and looks back to the room to make sure that he didn't miss anything like a book. Then he shakes his head and walks out into the hall.

Nonam hears the voices down the hall and moves to see what they're doing. He pauses in the doorway and quickly takes in the situation. He then looks at Gareth, "Maybe she needs to be kissed by a handsome hero to be awakened from the spell." It's hard to tell if he's joking.

Gareth steps back and closes the door. He says "They haven't messed with us so

far. Let's see if we can just keep going and get them on the way out if we feel

the need. I bet they don't move."


David says: Did you not get my last turn? I got a warning message that it did not get

through on the first attempt but that happens a lot. I got no failure message

so I you should have gotten it. I sent it Thursday morning.

Jerry says: I sent everything I got. This was received on Friday.

JK says: Figured I was entitled to a long turn.

Jerry says: No problem JK. We won't mention the "small" fact that JK's address disappeared from my address macro for an unexplained reason about turn 62. Sorry about that JK.

JK says: John, congratulations on the baby. Hope everything returns to normal for you soon.

David says: One thing I have discovered about Windows95 is that they constantly upgrade it

and don't tell anybody. Which means yours works different than mine. Look on

the cover and tell me what version you have. Or look in the 'About" box usually

located on the help screen to get the same information (probably most likely

the best place to look). You can sometimes get Microsoft to trade you a new one

if you have an older copy with a lot of trouble.

Jerry says: I tried several of those things to get the version that I have. I was unsuccessful. Any suggestions guys?

David says: Congrats to John. He's a great father and husband. Liliana is a lucky girl.

Jerry says: Amen.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 67

Chala says, "Well, I don't think we will get anything done until we step in there. Any

objections? "

She, pauses and then begins to step across the threshold of the door.

Nonam speaks to Gareth, "Did you try to move the girl or anything like that?"

Gareth moves to the next door, listens and opens it. (I'm assuming that this is the door facing south that is directly to the right of the exit of the Statue room when facing out of the statue room and to the right of the room with the girl in it....the third door clockwise from the north.) This room opens into a hallway going forward/south for 20' and turning left/west at the 20' mark.

Before everyone leaves, Jus looks at the woman to see if she resembles

to local folk in clothing or facial features -- to try and get an idea

if this could be Erilyn.

She is wearing local clothing that doesn't look antiquated. She is young and freshly clean looking.


John says: >>A blond and a brunette are driving in a car. The brunette says to the

>>blond, "go and check if my blinker is working?"


>>So the blond goes outside and says, yes, no, yes, no yes, no yes, no

>>yes, no yes, no yes, no yes, no yes, no yes, no yes, no yes, no, yes, no

>>yes, no yes.

Jerry says: Heard it. Yes.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 68

Chala walks toward the woman, trying to see if she reacts to her presence.

She will also keep an eye on the skeletons, seeing if they react as well.

Nonam goes into the room w/ Chala. "Gareth's running off again, but I think she is the one we came here to find." He begins searching the room for clues as to why the woman is sitting still or as to who she is.

Jus says, "I agree, I think we should investigate this room while we

still have a chance. There is no telling how many of those stone traps

there are in here. It would be a shame to get ourselves in a position

where we cannot return."

Jus follows Chala into the room.

Gareth waits to see if anybody dies before proceeding any further. the brave, brave adventurers enter the room with the giant skeletons and the beautiful woman in suspended animation, they do so with the knowledge that they are genuinely heroes of the first quality and that they risk their lives for goodness, Elenna, and the Adventurer's Credo: "That which has a door, must be entered." the brave, brave adventurers enter the room, they notice their brave, brave fighter sitting and watching to see of any of them die. the brave, brave adventurers enter the room, the skeletons come to life and move to attack said adventurers.


David says: Amazing.

Jerry says: Muhahahahahaha!!!!!!( hilarious)

The Jericho says: That's what being an adventurer is all about!!!!!

The Jericho also says: Um, one dies yet. Go fig. But I don't blame ya for hanging back. Besides, it's much more humorous this way....the headstrong party of sages, clerics and elves has to be rescued once again by their human sensible fighter....Muhahaa! I loooooove it!

Um, David I suggest we duck, the responses to this are going to last longer than the combat I fear.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 69

Nonam immediately casts 'Burning Hands' at the skeleton closest to him (he will position himself so that he won't catch any of his companions or the woman in the area of effect). He spreads his hands with held thumbs and sprays the skeleton on the left for 5 hit points damage. It silently opens it's mouth in pain but keeps coming.

Then he gets his back up to the wall (the wall with the door) for a little protection and to clear the doorway so Gareth can come in if he so chooses.

Gareth springs into action, leaps into the room and engages the first skeleton

with sheild and sword. He rolls an 11 and hits the center skeleton for 19 points of damage felling the creature in one mighty blow.

Chala brings her quarterstaff up, ready to meet the skeletons and strikes in unison with Gareth. Seeing that Gareth strikes the center skeleton she goes for the one on the left. She rolls a 14 and swipes at the skeleton for 4 points damage. She notices that blunt weapons seem to work very well against these creatures for it appears that her 4 points damage had a greater effect by proportion than Gareth's sword.

The remaining two skeletons attack with their full 7' of height.

One attacks Chala and misses.

The other attacks Nonam and hits for 3 points damage. Definitely a glancing blow.

Jus comes to Nonam's rescue, drawing both of his swords and engaging. His longsword hits with a 15 and the shortsword misses with a 11 doing 10 points damage to the massive skeleton. It continues to drag itself forward despite it's crushed ribcage.

All of a sudden, Nonam notices a spinning key hanging inside the right skeleton's crushed ribcage.


John says: Combat rounds are still "respond to everyone", are they not?

Jerry says: I don't think that will work, John. Since combat all happens at the same time, though we play it out as turn based, until I roll initiative for all combatants, no one can know who is first or last. It's better to send to me only during combat and give me lots of "if then" options if that applies to your situation.

David says: Oh well, I guess we'll die together. (party and I; also DM and I)

Jerry says: They are ignoring us Dave. Can I kill them now? Huh? Please?

Kevin Says: Isn't that adventurer comment about doors being opened awful close to something I heard a Gold Dragon say once, Jerry?

Jerry says: hmm.....could be.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 70

Chala yells, "Blunt weapons! If you have'em, use em!" She continues her attack on the left skeleton and misses with a 5.

Nonam leaps on the left skeleton with the spinning key trying to knock the creature down and grab the key at the same time. (Really, that's what I rolled!) He rolls a 20, knocking the skeleton down with the same stroke that he grabs the key with. The skeleton takes 2 points damage.

Jus attacks the skeleton on the right again, trying to get himself between the skeleton and

Nonam. He misses with a 4.

Gareth spins and engages the skeleton fighting Chala. He swings his sword with a

mighty yell. He does not turn his back on the woman if at all possible. He rolls a 3 missing the skeleton.


David Says: I guess we'll hold off on the killing thing ... this time.

Nonam says: pretty stupid, huh?

Jerry says: seems like a good move when it works.

Jerry says: Sorry for not sending a turn yesterday. I have been sick since Friday. This morning, I twisted my ankle and am on crutches for a week or so. That means I don't have to tell you about my trip this week to North Carolina, because I won't be going. My swelling ankle doesn't need 6 hrs. on a cramped airplane.

Congrats on your new home John. Mom, Dad, and myself are probably going to visit Rita the week after school gets out. Perhaps we can work it out to say hi as we pass through either on the way up or back down. :)


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 71

The skeletons attack first in round 3. The left skeleton rises to his feet and spins to face Gareth leaving his back to Chala and Nonam.

The right skeleton attacks Jus. He rolls an 11 and also misses.

Nonam spins around and throws two daggers at the skeleton on the right. The first dagger misses with a 4 spinning past the skeletons head to hit the wall and stick there.

The second dagger misses with a 6 and hits Jus instead in the shoulder. The dagger does 1 point of damage to Jus.

Chala continues to attack, trying to bring down the skeleton she is on. She rolls a 4 missing the skeleton.

Jus tries attacking again. He hits with a 14 and does 6 points damage to the skeleton on the right severing the head which flies into the frozen woman's lap. Another skeleton dispatched.

Gareth charges the remaining skeleton bashing it with sheild and following through to smash it up against the wall. He does 16 points to it splintering it into a million pieces. He then swings again swirling the pieces around in the air one more time causing them to spray everyone in the room harmlessly with bone fragments.

The mighty heroes win the battle!


JK Says: what's the ac of the skeletons - just to get a general idea of how hard these are to hit.

Jerry says: Well, since they are dead, we'll just keep that little secret to ourselves.

Tom says: Sorry to hear about the ankle. Oh, Timmy-boy says hi to you all!

Jerry says: You called him Timmy boy? Timmy boy????? And you can still use those fingers to type?

Jerry says to John and David (mainly John): Please stop sending me the FW: emails. At first it was humorous getting one or two a week. However, now I get 5-7 a day and it is really cluttering up my mailbox.

Campaign news of import: This will be formally announced when you hit town....but... King Claudia of New Elenna is dead. She committed suicide after it turned out that her half red-dragon twin children were innately evil. The Gold Dragons forced the issue to be investigated. Oratai, High Patriarch of Plateau City performed the spell and was enveloped with the holy presence of Alemi rendering the Alignment Detection to be true without a doubt. The high priests of the rest of the gods were called to the scene. Sometime during the ensuing confusion, Joe The Hand, husband and Consort of Claudia stole the children taking them to his private garden within the castle grounds and lovingly broke their necks. A funeral pyre was constructed immediately to prevent Flame the Red Dragon and Father of the evil twins from getting hold of the remains. Sometime after during the confusion following, Claudia, rest her soul stole away to the throne and fell on her sword.

The Noble Sturtevant, friend of the royal couple, was named regent until an election can be held in two weeks for a new High Lord Mayor. More news will be following to be sure.

The local group has finished its first campaign on the new southern continent last week taking a dwarven hammer and artifact to an ancient race of dwarves across a very bizarre area of grasslands.

All of the above happened the first week back to the northern continent campaign. I wonder what will happen on the second week?

All of this will mean more to you when you get the campaign folders. I've hit a snag there.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 72

Gareth looks around for something else to kill.... Upon finding nothing obvious

he removes the skeleton head from the woman's lap without touching her and looks

at it to see if the eyes still glow. Then he smashes it on the ground just for

grins. He says, "Can anybody help the girl? I don't know if I can.".

Jus looks at Nonam and says "Ow!" He then picks up the dagger that hit

him. "Reminds me of someone who once gave me advice about 'shooting

arrows in a cave'."

"I can imagine it now," Jus continues with a laugh, "Yes, my sons and

daughters, this is the first scar I received in my adventuring. My

compatriot, goldfingers, was jealous of the blows I dealt to a skeleton

and decided to use me for a pin cushion. Oh well, what can one expect

from a human mage?" Jus hands the dagger back to Nonam with a wink.

Nonam picks up his other dagger and says, "Sorry Jus."

That done he begins to look for something that the key fits. He begins looking near the girl.

He does not find a keyhole in this room.


JK says: Jerry, I won't be there Sunday night. I probably won't be there the next Sunday either. Also that whole week (sun-sun) I won't be able to check my e-mail so no e-adventure either.

I got Quake despite the many times that I've heard it requires a Pentium to run just to see how it would run on a 486 (thanks to Hastings software rental). It says in the documentation that it won't run at all if you don't have at least a Pentium, and that's what I've always heard. However, it seems to run fine on my 486. Go figure.

Jerry says: Go figure.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 73

Gareth examines the girl, desk and room. He looks at the weapons that were

carried by the skeletons to check for quality.

The female is a raven-haired woman scarcely more than 20 years old. She is dressed in white, her expression is pale and emotionless. She stares forward motionless and unblinking. She wears a gilded golden bracelet set with emerald chips.

The weapons are large battle axes. They are not exceptional in any way that can be discerned by observation.

The female sits in a chair behind a splintered desk. The desk contains a single space where a drawer used to be. Inside there is a single piece of paper with the word "kizzimic" written on it.

Nonam continues to examine the room looking for anything (other than the girl) which is out of the ordinary.

Nonam finds a small ledge above the door where there is a burned scrap of paper. It has the following poem written on it.

"Do I love you? Yes I do.

Id shed my evil ways for you.

I'd turn my heart from black to true.

My heart, I've given unto you."

Jus looks at the girl and says, "I guess we need to figure out what to

do about her." Jus looks around for any more pentagrams or jewelry that

may be keeping her in this suspended animation. "Maybe she needs a

handsome prince to kiss her! Anyone here qualify?"


David says: FYI on 486's. Intel is coming out with the Pentium 2 series later this year.

Pentium 200s will drop at least 75% in price as will all lesser chips. You can

then upgrade cheaply. Pentium 2s will be 233, 266 and 300 MHz CPUs.

Jerry says: Oh, well, I've already sprung for a 166.

Jerry says: Tom? We've missed you. Remember guys that we are without JK starting about now until next Sunday or so. I'm assuming that Tom has had a busy couple of days. I'd like us to keep pushing so we can get this initial module finished up. Then we'll have to see if we can add Tim and Kevin. I feel that Tim has had to wait quite a bit longer than we first anticipated.

I just don't see me running a second group. Perhaps JK will want to, though. I would play in a second group, though.

John, if any of your contacts want to play, we need to begin getting their commitments so we can make the best decision. I think groups of 4 are ideal. Is there any disagreement there? Comments from everyone please.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 74

Jus looks at the others and asks what they have found. "As far as the girl is

concerned, I think we should take her with us. Unless, that is, one of these

papers contains a release word."

Nonam will commit the poem and 'kizzimic' to memory. He then waits for the others.

Gareth compares the axes for quality, jewels, balance, blade quality, etc. to

see if one appears better than the others. If there is no difference he asks

can anyone tell if these are magic weapons? If they appear to be of value

Gareth will take them.

None of the above tests reveal anything significant about the weapons.


JK says: Jerry, feel free to play Nonam. He has one 'Burning Hands' still memorized.

Jerry says: Ok, I will to a certain extent. I will not reveal riddles etc. while playing so what I can do will be limited.

John says: Most of my contacts said they are not interested. Byron Myrick said he would

like to, but is unsure how reliable he could be. I haven't been able to get in

touch with Sidney Deem.

Jerry says: I understand John. Then we will more than likely add two players after this module, Kevin and Tim assuming both still want to play. 6 is more than I'd like, but if JK DM's a second group and I play that makes 3 players there. I think I know Tim well enough that he will not be interested in playing just with Kevin and I with JK DMing. Besides we've made Tim wait quite awhile. So unless things change we'll add both of those players for the second adventure.

Jerry says: Tom? If I don't hear from him by tomorrow, I'll call him.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 75

Chala will look around the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Other than what has already been described, nothing is found.

Gareth examines the chair for traps. If none found he moves the girl's chair

back from the table and attempts to pick her up.

When the woman is touched by Gareth, she moves, focuses her eyes on Gareth and starts in surprise saying, "My, where did you come from? This isn't where I was? Where is Elzid?"

A look of panic begins to form on her face.

Nonam answers her saying, "I'm afraid we have some bad news to tell you if you are who we think you are. The mage is dead. You were under a spell. How are you feeling? Who are you? Are you Erilyn? Have you been harmed?"


Tom says: Sorry, you were right, busy weekend.

Jerry says: Glad you're back with us. :)

Kevin says: Claudia is dead and Joe Hand killed the babies?

How disappointing. Wasn't there anything that could have been bone to guide them to goodness.

Jerry says: Actually I spoke too early. The story released is that Flame killed the babies.

Kevin says: I still want to play, but however it is that I play is fine with me.

Big group or small, I am not picky.

Jerry says: Thanks for your cooperation Kevin. It is noted.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 76

Jus bows graciously and says, "Well met. We are glad to see you are all right.

My name is Jus. May I ask whereabouts you expected to be."

Gareth moves away from the girl as to not frighten her any more than she is

(big guy carrying a huge sword and all that) and moves to the door and watches

the hallway.---

She responds, "I am Erilyn. I was outside the ruins of the castle the last thing I remember. I was worried about my boyfriend, Elzid, whose tower blew up. So tragic. He was giving up his evil ways for me. I left town for his tower the moment I heard of its destruction. I wandered the hillside for awhile and then ran into Elzid's evil familiar, Zotzpox the Imp. He cast a spell on me and that is the last thing I remember."

Jus nods toward Nonam and says, "Would you please read the poem to her."

Nonam reads the poem. Erilyn breaks down and cries, "Oh my darling. My poor, poor darling. Fate has dealt us a cruel blow."

She revels in her sorrow for a moment and then straightens her clothes straightens and says, "Have you found any signs of my beloved?"

Nonam answers, "None, ma'am. However, don't give up hope just yet. We will continue to search. Will you do us the honor of being your protectors until the rest of this mystery is solved and we can return you to your family? We were hired by Loren Kenither to investigate these matters. We are indeed fortunate to have found you alive. Are you injured in any way?"

Erylyn glances down and answers, "I'm fine."

Nonam nods at the fighter. "Gareth, let us be rid of this cursed room."


John says: Did my last turn get lost again? Or was it overcome by events.

Jerry says: Was this it? "Jus leans toward the woman and whispers 'kizzimic' into her ear."

If so it arrived today.

Jerry says: I hope you guys don't mind me using Nonam to push the tempo a bit.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 77

Jus determines he will try and protect Erilyn and Nonam as best as possible;

at least until Nonam gets to re-memorize his spell.

Gareth says "When we killed that spider thing he seemed to be talking to

somebody or something as he was sucked into that opening. I wonder if it was


Nonam says: "Hmm....interesting hypothesis, however it could have been the imp. What else would be sucked thru a portal when it 'died? A scorpion spider? I think not."

Jus goes to the next door, listens for a moment, and then asks Erilyn if she

is familiar with this portion of the tower.

At the same time Gareth asks Erilyn, do you know your way

around this place? Can you warn us of traps and things?"

Erilyn replies, "No, I've never been here. He always courted me at the house of my family. I take it we are in the ruins of the tower then. Funny, but I don't remember that any of it was left after the explosion."

For a second time, both Gareth and Jus reach for the door at the same time. The door to the immediate right of the door exiting from the statue room opens revealing the hallway described earlier. It turns right at the 20' mark.

Chala asks the party if they are in terrible need of healing.

She will take a toe bone form one of the skeletons, pocketing it. Sovenieer.

She walks to Nonam (he the mage in the party, right)."We should probobly be

warry of this Zotzpox, Imp's can be notoriously nasty, but if it is still

hanging around, then this Elzid may still be about." she says this quietly,

so as not to get the young ladies hopes up to much.

Nonam answers, "I agree."



| __D 3

| |____ <-- diagram of what the party sees.

| _4D |__

D | __D 1 Statue room

1 | | 2 Magic Circle room

D 3 Erilyn/skeleton room

4 Door currently opening


John says: Cool, don't mind the extra push in tempo at all; maybe you should consider an

NPC just to help keep things rolling.


A Wizard's Fate: Turn 78

Gareth says to Jus with a motion "After you..." and then follows Jus into the


As Jus walks down the hall to the door on the South wall (as Jerry drew

it), he asks Erilyn, "How did the tower explode? I thought you lost

conscience before you were brought? When did you last see Elzid? Sorry

for the barrage of questions, but you pricked my curiosity."


Erilyn says, "I'm not sure how it exploded. One of his experiments caused it more than likely. I got here the day after it happened, I think."

As Nonam follows the others he speaks to Erilyn. "We are not exactly in the ruins of the tower. You are indeed correct that it was completely destroyed. We are now in catacombs beneath the tower."

"Oh, I see." She replies. "The last time I saw Elzid was a week ago when he called on me at my house. My father threw a fit." She grins weakly.

"I will heal anyone who might need it," Chala says. She follow along.

Chala continues, "I will guard the girl. She may feel better with a woman close by."

The south door is closed. It is wooden with iron bands around it.


Things are very busy this week. If I miss a day, don't panic. :)


Wizard's Fate: Turn 79

Jus takes a quick look at the other door to see if it is of notable

construction, but it is merely an average wooden door.

Gareth waits for Jus to open the door.

Nonam and Chala wait in the back with Erilyn. As they wait, Nonam looks to Chala, "I could use some of that healing you've offered. I'm afraid I'm not as tough as our burly friends here."

"Well," Jus states, "lets go have fun." He then tries to pull open the bound doors; after a quick look for any traps.

The door opens revealing a passage that turns right after 20 feet.

Chala will follow along, keeping near the girl.


Well Jerry sent me your turns from last time, so I just used those.

Also, Tim's address has been deactivated by MCI, so unitl I here something...


Wizard's Fate: Turn 80

Gareth follows Jus into the corridor.